UC requiring all new hires to prove commitment to diversity

The University of Cincinnati will now require prospective job applicants to summarize their commitment to diversity before being considered for a position at the school.

Anthony Gockowski Today at
3:34 PM EDT
Pic via CMU's Facebook page.

Colorado Mesa resists safe space culture

Colorado Mesa University (CMU) has eliminated free speech zones and doesn’t have a Bias Response Team. As a result, reportedly few students complain and free speech trumps censorship.

Amber Athey Today at
1:57 PM EDT

UCI gives up on suspending College Republicans

The University of California, Irvine has fully revoked its suspension of the school’s College Republican chapter after facing criticism from liberals and conservatives alike for suppressing free speech.

Anthony Gockowski Today at
12:20 PM EDT

UNC removes guidelines calling golf, compliments microaggressions

The University of North Carolina has taken down its Employee Forum post labeling Christmas vacations and staff golf outings microaggressions.

Rob Shimshock Today at
11:13 AM EDT

RA claims UM made her pressure students to sign 'civility pledge'

Students and Resident Advisors (RAs) at the University of Michigan are allegedly being coerced into relinquishing their free speech for the sake of “civility” and “inclusivity.”

Marlo Safi Today at
10:21 AM EDT

Monmouth declines to scrub Woodrow Wilson from campus

Monmouth University will keep “Woodrow Wilson Hall” as the name of its central administrative building, despite cries of racism.

Amber Athey Jun 28, 2016 at
5:34 PM EDT

‘Absolutely no value’ in studying Constitution, federal judge says

Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner stated Friday that he sees “no value” in studying the U.S. Constitution.

Autumn Price Jun 28, 2016 at
4:43 PM EDT

Diversity trainings are a sham, Harvard study claims

Administrators across the country are folding to student demands for more diversity, but a recent study out of Harvard suggests that mandatory diversity trainings are actually making schools less diverse, not more.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 28, 2016 at
4:05 PM EDT

Longwood students: attacking pro-choice views a microaggression

An “educational presentation” on Longwood University’s website claims that challenging someone’s pro-choice views or assuming they smoke weed are both microaggressions.

Amber Athey Jun 28, 2016 at
3:08 PM EDT

REPORT: Anti-Semitic incidents on college campuses nearly doubled in 2015

A new report by the Anti-Defamation League shows that the number of anti-Semitic incidents on college campuses nearly doubled in 2015, while anti-Jewish assaults are up 60 percent across the United States.

Jenna Lawrence Jun 28, 2016 at
12:27 PM EDT

UC students, faculty protest layoffs freeing up money for STEM

Students and faculty at University of Chicago are protesting layoffs of nonacademic aides and secretarial staffers after multiple academic divisions were directed to cut budgets.

Marlo Safi Jun 28, 2016 at
9:19 AM EDT

Tutors claim to find gender bias in SAT questions

SAT tutors reportedly believe that the college aptitude test has a gender bias because of one math question and one verbal passage on this year’s exam, but The College Board denies it, saying it has observed no gender-based differences in scores.

Rob Shimshock Jun 27, 2016 at
4:24 PM EDT

Leftist students to protest at GOP Convention

"There is a growing tide of anger in the country, directed against Trump and the reactionary, anti-people agenda of the Republican Party."

Marlo Safi Jun 27, 2016 at
4:02 PM EDT

UNC admits it could ‘revisit’ Bias Response Team after national criticism

The University of Northern Colorado has admitted to mishandling reports of bias incidents after receiving national criticism for clear censorship of alternative views.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 27, 2016 at
3:46 PM EDT

UPDATE: UNC hides anti-golfing guidelines

UNC has password protected its microaggressions guidelines after Campus Reform reported on them last Friday.

Rob Shimshock Jun 27, 2016 at
2:20 PM EDT

Prof claims Brexit motivated by racism

A women’s studies professor at Rutgers University says that white racism is to blame for the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union in a referendum last week.

Will Rierson Jun 27, 2016 at
1:50 PM EDT

Democrats call for mandatory sentences following Stanford case

As Brock Turner prepares to spend six months behind bars, California lawmakers are pushing to expand the state’s definition of rape and establish a strict mandatory sentence for those who are convicted.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 27, 2016 at
1:22 PM EDT

NOW honors 'mattress girl' with Woman of Courage Award

Sulkowicz is best known for her thesis art project at Columbia University, titled “Carry That Weight.” The project involved carrying a mattress around campus for a year. According to Sulkowicz, the weight of the mattress symbolized the weight she had been carrying since she was allegedly raped in her dorm room during her sophomore year.

Amber Athey Jun 27, 2016 at
12:32 PM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: Not one more word, or we’ll bias-report you!

Seeking out diversity can be a fine thing, but there’s no need to be racist about it.

Campus Reform Staff Jun 26, 2016 at
3:24 PM EDT

Mizzou removes inclusivity guide following heat from Hindus

After receiving pressure from a Hindu statesman earlier this week, the University of Missouri has removed its “Inclusive Terminology Guide.”

Bethany Salgado Jun 26, 2016 at
10:11 AM EDT

Professor compares transgender bathrooms to 1960’s segregation

A professor at the University of Mississippi has compared the bathroom wars to the racial integration struggles of the 1960s as the school grapples with how to make its campus more accessible to transgender students.

Morgan Walker Jun 25, 2016 at
9:14 AM EDT

OU Trustees worry college-level high school courses create inequality

Some members of the Ohio University Board of Trustees say a college credit program for high schoolers creates inequality among students and “could hinder students’ overall education.”

Jenna Lawrence Jun 25, 2016 at
9:10 AM EDT

U of I adds 'US minorities' course requirement following frat party

The University of Illinois is requiring students to take classes on minority culture in an effort to address tensions caused by a recent “cultural appropriation” incident and pro-Trump chalkings.

Marlo Safi Jun 24, 2016 at
4:59 PM EDT

Affirmative action 'a compelling government interest,' academic groups say

Several academic associations representing thousands of top private and public colleges are enthusiastically endorsing Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling upholding affirmative action.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 24, 2016 at
2:41 PM EDT

Georgetown still atoning for 1838 slave sale

After months of student protests, Georgetown University has announced plans to “make amends” for an 1838 slave sale based on ideas crafted by a Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation.

Amber Athey Jun 24, 2016 at
1:49 PM EDT

UNC claims Christmas vacations, golf outings are microaggressions

To help staff members avoid microaggressions, the University of North Carolina advises gender-neutral dress codes and avoiding phrases like “husband/boyfriend.”

Rob Shimshock Jun 24, 2016 at
12:51 PM EDT

Faith-based schools in CA could be sued for their beliefs, college prez warns

The president of William Jessup University claims that a bill pending in the California legislature would have a “devastating” impact on religious colleges by violating their religious liberty.

Marlo Safi Jun 24, 2016 at
11:16 AM EDT

UA to offer master's degree in 'Transgender Studies'

The University of Arizona hopes to kick off the fall 2017 semester by offering a master’s degree in transgender studies.

Rob Shimshock Jun 24, 2016 at
10:02 AM EDT

History prof claims 'white rage' made Reagan target blacks by cutting gov

Emory University history professor Carol Anderson condemned white elites and politicians, and Ronald Reagan in particular, for dismantling the progress of the black community.

Morgan Walker Jun 24, 2016 at
8:14 AM EDT
Pic via Colby College Facebook page.

Colby College logs absurd bias incidents on website

The catalog of bias incidents includes a taunt hurled at a referee and the use of the phrase "on the other hand."

Will Rierson Jun 23, 2016 at
5:10 PM EDT

UCI overturns CR suspension following outrage

The University of California, Irvine has revoked its suspension of the school’s College Republican chapter after facing national criticism from both liberals and conservatives alike.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 23, 2016 at
4:58 PM EDT

Supreme Court upholds affirmative action for college admissions

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing the University of Texas, Austin to consider an applicant’s race during the admissions process in a 4-3 decision Thursday.

Emily Larsen Jun 23, 2016 at
3:06 PM EDT

Bias Response Team investigated prof's for discussing conflicting opinions

The University of Northern Colorado’s Bias Response Team allowed students to censor free speech during a debate that “triggered them” as an “attack on their identity.”

Morgan Walker Jun 23, 2016 at
2:36 PM EDT

TX congressman wants to force colleges to enroll illegals

A U.S. congressman has introduced two bills that would make it easier for illegal immigrant students to attend college.

Amber Athey Jun 23, 2016 at
1:24 PM EDT

UCI Dems stand with CRs after suspension for hosting Milo

"While we disagree with the College Republicans on a range of issues..."

Anthony Gockowski Jun 23, 2016 at
1:15 PM EDT

San Diego launches free community college program

"The non-tuition costs of attending college, including living expenses, are larger than the costs of tuition and fees for most students."

Anthony Gockowski Jun 23, 2016 at
12:41 PM EDT

Muslim prof who advocated cutting off hands of thieves still teaching

A Muslim professor in Florida is still teaching despite endorsing the Sharia law practice of cutting off the hands of thieves during a recent panel discussion.

Marlo Safi Jun 23, 2016 at
12:16 PM EDT

Dem sit-in ‘like college kids taking over a campus,’ C-SPAN caller says

"There are ways of having civil protest,” explained the caller. “But it does not have a place on the floor of the House."

Rob Shimshock Jun 23, 2016 at
10:55 AM EDT

Conservative senator escapes harassment charge over Hooters joke

Colorado State University (CSU) Student Senator Juan Caro was found “not responsible” for a sexual harassment violation, ending a six-month investigation into whether a joke he made about Hooters merited the charge.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 23, 2016 at
9:05 AM EDT

VIDEO: Young people shocked by Hillary's infamous quotes

“Which candidate made a joke about colored people time saying that black people are always late?”

Cabot Phillips and Marlo Safi Jun 22, 2016 at
11:17 AM EDT

UC Berkeley, CAIR label conservative outlets part of 'US Islamophobia Network'

The University of California, Berkeley and a national Islamic organization have identified Fox News, National Review, and The Rush Limbaugh Show as elements of the “U.S. Islamophobia Network.”

Rob Shimshock Jun 22, 2016 at
4:13 PM EDT

UCI attempts to walk back CR suspension following outrage

The University of California, Irvine College Republicans chapter is challenging its administration on the grounds that it exploited a technicality to oust conservative voices from campus.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 22, 2016 at
2:17 PM EDT

Mizzou president claims protests, censure were predictable

The University of Missouri system’s president is optimistic for the school’s future despite declining enrollment and a campus climate that promotes racial animosity and professional censure, insisting that today's college students are not "coddled."

Chris Nuelle Jun 22, 2016 at
11:34 AM EDT

College Republicans suspended by UC Irvine after hosting Milo

The University of California, Irvine has suspended its College Republicans chapter for an entire year after the group hosted controversial conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 21, 2016 at
7:34 PM EDT

Keeping union jobs worth $50M, protesters tell Eastern Michigan

Protesters assembled at an Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents meeting Tuesday, demanding that the university forsake $50 million to keep its food service unionized.

Greta Dreyer Jun 21, 2016 at
4:56 PM EDT

Pitt inclusion guide: correct English is a social construct

"Misgendering someone is disrespectful and dismissive."

Victoria Stroup Jun 21, 2016 at
4:43 PM EDT

Another prof. blames Christians for Orlando shooting

"[A]ll of this could have been prevented if the United States had stricter gun regulations including background checks."

Anthony Gockowski Jun 21, 2016 at
3:48 PM EDT
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